When searching for a perfect slot machine to satisfy all your gaming needs, you will find a sea of different shapes, sizes, themes, and providers. So, how do you know what to look for? First, many slots offer the free spin option, but you should always go the extra mile and check which online casino games also offer the free spins bonus. The casino bonus you can receive is often without any strings attached, which is even more alluring to the slots players.

In order to play and win, you can also try playing a bunch of free games every casino today has to offer. Among terms and conditions on websites, you can find details about the bonus code you can apply to get a certain slot bonus. Also, a deposit required to post before being allowed to play or conditions that need to be fulfilled in order for you to meet the wagering requirements.

In this article, we will introduce you to the best and the brightest online slot games provided by real money casinos. They give you a chance to try your luck and get a bunch of bonuses, too.

Age of Gods

This game brings you to the very center of the action in Ancient Greece, where the battle of the mythic Gods takes place. The amazing visuals will make you feel like you are sitting at the edge of the mountain Olympus, watching the sunset. Depending on the God symbol that you hit, you can get up to the 1000x jackpot.

More specifically, if the beautiful goddess Athena lights up your screen. When it comes to Hera and Zeus, they both represent wild symbols, so if they pop up, it’s your lucky day! It means you will be able to complete your combination and win big.

Big Bad Wolf

By incorporating the beloved fairytale theme, this slot machine does so much more than simply spinning the reels and bring you a prize. The design of it is impeccable — your screen display is lined with straws of which the little pigs’ houses were made, and the realistic animations bring the story on the whole other level.

In order to win, you need to get a three-symbol combination. The paytable is quite satisfying too, so there is no need why you shouldn’t try beating the big, scary wolf!

Bingo Billions

This game gives you all the best qualities of Bingo, but with much more alluring prizes to go with it. Aside from the classic Bingo with cards and numbered balls, you can also play with many Bingo bonuses and extra cards.

Bingo is a game that draws you in instantly and keeps you on your toes for hours, and this slot is no exception. By playing this game you will be shouting “Bingo!” at the top of your lungs each time you get the number combination right, and many prizes to add to it!

Divine Dreams

This new slot machine coming from Sweden really stays true to its divine name by giving you a chance to increase your winnings up to 7.200 times! The game is impeccably designed. It has sharp and clear graphics of a rainforest with many mysterious rewards hiding each step of the way. This game gives you many free spins, multipliers, and bonuses, making sure you’ll never need any other slot to fulfill your gambling desires!

Egypt Sky

Playing this slot will make you come face to face with the Ancient Egyptian gods, making you wish you knew how to read hieroglyphics and exploring the pyramids. As you’d imagine, getting the symbol of Egypt’s fairest queen Cleopatra will bring you the great prize of 10.000 coins in total! And your finish line will be meeting the almighty god Ra, which gets you sweet 40.000 coins in one push.

Galactic Streak

If you are tired of the same old design the slot providers repeat year after year, you will certainly enjoy this new Playtech wonder. You will be taken on the amazing adventure throughout space, where you will have many chances to acquire great prizes. The theme of space never gets old, and the designers paid special attention to details, making all our hidden dreams of becoming an astronaut come true!


The beloved movie from the late 70s made quite an impact not only on the teenagers watching, but the entire pop culture to this day. The craze eventually affected the gambling community, too, and this slot machine was created, to the satisfaction of many.

By playing this game, you will be reminded of the sweet summer love of Danny and Sandy, true friendship of the Pink Ladies, and the memories of being young and free. This slot also brings you a ton of bonuses and free spins which will give you one more chance to hit the jackpot, so why not try it out?

Immortal Guild

online slotsIn this slot adventure, three main characters embark on a journey of discovery, excitement, and uncertainty. The Warrior, the Mage, and the Hunter are guaranteed to get under your skin and drive you through the rollercoaster of emotions on your way to a big win.

The mesmerizing visuals of the dark forest and the chilling soundtrack that goes along with it will make you feel like you are in an action movie, wanting to taste more of the action with every minute that passes.

Lucky Coin

Get ready for the old school action of Ancient China, with dragons blowing great fortune your way! From many mythical creatures to the Beautiful Geisha symbol which will bring you 900.000 coins, this slot game has everyone raving! You will enjoy the best possible quality visuals on your mobile screens, such as bright red wallpapers and golden dragon symbols shining upon you.

Ride The Tiger

Another promising title by Playtech gives us a chance to hit a huge jackpot of $500.000 with only one spin! The theme combines the setting of a jungle with the Ancient Asia, unlike many other slots based on the Western layout. With many classic Chinese symbols, you will feel like you are on an adventure on the Great Wall of China!

Astonishing Slots

With this list, we brought you the most promising slot machines for 2019, which all have one thing in common – they will surely provide you the best possible gambling experience. With amazing bonuses and free spins, you will be mesmerized whichever one of these slots you choose and have no regrets when that jackpot shines brightly on your screen. All of these machines are an essential part of the most prominent casino gaming libraries across the globe, so rest assured you will have the most fun while playing!